My First Post.

So hey, I’m Georgia.

I go by G, George, Georgie, Gorgonzola (yes, the cheese), Goose (boyfriend only), Georgia Lee, or whatever the world wants to call me.

I’ve REALLY been putting off writing a blog, not just recently, but over the years. I’ve always loved writing but I’m not very socially confident (unless under the influence of alcohol, but aren’t we all). I’m also a very average worker, meaning everything I do is always to an average standard, I’ve never thought of myself or anything I’ve done to be amazing or breathtaking, so I put off things such as writing a blog.

This is my first post of possibly many, whether I earn readers or not is up to the internet to decide, either way I will be writing because I always find myself stuck with thoughts that I don’t think my boyfriend, or anyone in my close social circle would understand, or even try to for that matter, considering half the shit that comes out of my mouth is a weird noise or just nonsense, I’ve never made much sense to myself, I wouldn’t understand anyone to get that.

From what I’ve read, a lot of these personal type blogs always start with them telling them about themselves. I don’t believe it should be necessary in my case, as my immense amount of rambling will proclaim, most things about me that you probably shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to know, mostly in an attempt to add more excitement to my somewhat boner killing life. Maybe I’ll find more things to do or more adventures to take my friends or family on, so I can come and write about it, although I’m guessing it’ll mostly be me rambling about something stupid or asking questions I don’t quite know the answer to.

I am not the most knowledgable, amazing, J.K Rowling kind of writer. I am still learning and the process is very much just beginning. I have lived most of my almost 20 years in fear of being judged for whatever it was I was doing, whether it was oral presentations in high school, or buying a $3 soy cappuccino in a quiet cafe. If I annoy anyone who may come across this shitty blog, I am sorry, I am so so sorry. I annoy myself like 99.9% of the time, I get it.

Should anyone I know be reading this, please do me a favour and not tell me unless it’s constructive, it is the only kind of criticism I can handle at the moment, I am a thriving 19 year old and you should know what it’s like to be trying to grow up, especially in today’s day and age.

G, out. (I’ll work on that).


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