Album of the month: Little Georgia


Ever since I started listening to Triple J my life really did take a turn for the best. Apart from the fact that my ears weren’t being bombarded with the farce that is the song Rockabye by Clean Bandit what feels like 20 million times a day, and I have said this before, I have been introduced to some truly talent ridden artists. This months artist is literally reeking with talent.

No, it’s not coincidental that this duo’s name is Little Georgia, although I will admit it’s part of the reason I looked them up, and I was not disappointed by the disturbingly beautiful sound that followed after I hit play on the song called Emily. 

Bootleg is an 8 song literal masterpiece. I have never been one to take too much of an interest in country music but I am a music enthusiast so I will really give anything a listen if it might been discovering more great talent. You could say I was pleasantly surprised when I found that this album was one of the best I’d heard this year by far, excluding Amber Run’s For a Moment, I Was Lost, but producing an amazing album is pretty standard for them so I won’t go on about them.

Ashleigh Mannix and Justin Carter are in the spotlight for this months album of the month and I could honestly write about them for months on end but I wont (obviously). They are the (beautiful) minds behind this harmonious music. They have been described to have a Folk-Grunge sound, but I wouldn’t call it short on country so quickly.

Each song on this album is unique but I definitely have to say that my favourite track has to be the first track I listened to, as I often find that if I can somehow relate to a song, I will listen to it more, not that I haven’t had the whole album on repeat for about 4 days straight, and I’m not even close to exaggerating. Like I said earlier, the first track I listened to was Emily which seems to be a song about a struggling mother who’s ‘husband is a fool’ but under such circumstances still manages to tell her story of raising a family and climbing the Eiffel Tower, all in the comfort ‘from the kitchen’, which sounds gender stereotypical but if you listen to song you would get a deeper understanding of the lyrics, and you would probably also fall in love.

Every aspect of the album is written in honesty and it’s one of the other things I love about this duo. I myself tap into my own life experiences, memories or knowledge when I’m writing a song, so when I discover an artist that writes the same way, I have a connection with the music that could not be found anywhere else (please do not hate me for being that cheesy).

Unsurprisingly I have learned from the bands Facebook page that the Bootleg album was recorded in a Farmhouse on the coastline of Portland in Victoria. They worked with friends to capture the music in it’s purest form, which they did perfectly. They have put together an album that captures the beauty and rarity of a good harmony with the accompaniment of guitar, harmonica and true to heart lyrics that could bring a tear to anyone’s eye like it did mine.

If you are a fan of Indie/Grunge/Folk music or just love a good harmony I suggest you give these guys a listen. You will not be disappointed.

G. x






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