Album Of The Week: After Laughter

Introductions have always been my weakest point when writing so this week I’m just gonna just jump right into it because I honestly cannot wait.

I’m not sure how late I was listening to this but as soon as I saw this had been released I hopped straight onto that train. I will add that I had no idea that this album was coming out which made me feel like a bad muso but I’m writing about it now so we can move on.

I started off listening to this album in the shittiest mood but by the end of ‘Hard Times’ which is the first song on the album, I was bouncing around my room like a dickhead and I haven’t stopped listening since, amongst all other songs I cannot get over.

Paramore have always been high up in musical interests so to me this album sounds significantly different to their other records but I can hear touches of their 2013 self – titled album Paramore which leads me to believe the pop/rock genre is the direction they’re choosing to go, and it is bloody brilliant.

One of the main things I really want to talk about is the colour that accompanies every single track on the album. Even the music video for ‘Hard Times’ is an abundance of colour and animation and geometric shapes. It perfectly catches the fun vibes of the song and definitely makes you wanna get up and dance. Each track is just as uplifting as each other, with Fake Happy’ being the most misleading in the intro, and turning into yet another catchy tune. The album cover perfectly captures the essence of the album and I will be listening to this if I need a pick me up (which is fairly often).

Although Paramore bringing out an outstanding album every time is inevitable like gay marriage being legal everywhere or the adorableness of puppies, this album for sure smashed it out of the park with this one. I give this album 5 stars, now go have a listen, seriously.

G, x.



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