Truth Is a Beautiful Thing

I was so so slack with my writing headed towards the end of the uni trimester urgently trying to make sure I finished my assignments and stressing over whether or not I would do well enough to pass.

Amongst uni assignments and an abundance of crazy weekends I have finally been able to settle down and write without the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have missed being able to sit down with a cuppa, chucking my earphones in and listening to the next fab new album. It’s a rare occasion that I can do this without thinking I should be worrying about something.

It has been a good 4 years since London Grammar have released an album but it is clear why. They have been producing an absolute killer of an album: Truth Is a Beautiful Thing. Sticking to their musical roots of hymnal and almost haunting truth about the uplifting moments and the downfalls of life.

Singer Hannah Reids unique voice accompanied by her bandmates array of sound creates an album that captures the emotion in the words she’s singing that sound as if they’ve come straight from her diary.

I was honestly hooked from the minute I started listening to this album. The track ‘Rooting For You’ introduces the album in the way a great album should. Reid has the voice of an absolute f**king angel as she shows off an extremely broad vocal range that had me shook.

If you read farther enough into the story of this record you will learn that the album is a war with ones own mind and a message to a lover. If it doesn’t have you tearing up at some point your heart is either made of stone or you haven’t listened to it yet, and in that case, do it.

From Hell To the Liars stunning almost slow chant to Control’s electronic vibe, Reid’s voice never fails to match the tone of the song with the lyrics that numb.

I have become so emotionally attached to this album in such a short time. London Grammar have blown away with their second album and lets hope they soon work on new music because I can’t get enough.

Not my longest nor my best review but if you’re still reading, thank you so much.

G. x


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