Album Of The Month: Cleopatra

As most of you won’t know and whilst I have no idea who’s even reading this except a selected few, I’m a musician. As in I love music, I play music, I write music. I owe a lot to it.

So today a sudden rush of inspiration and musical motivation hit me once I’d had my morning more-of-an-afternoon coffee. I decided to take it upon myself to jump on Apple Music and explore a little bit to see what kind of new music I could find that might one day shape the way I write, which I’ve been needing to do for kinda a while now. Writing like Taylor Swift works from age 10 up to about 16, so I’m 3 and a half years past my use-by date for that one.

Anyway, while I was lurking across the singer/songwriter genre I came across the song ‘Angela’ by The Lumineers. I’d never really listened to them before except on the radio a few years ago when I was still going through my My Chemical Romance/ Bring Me The Horizon sorta stage, didn’t really occur to me to listen to an entire album, until now.

The album Cleopatra tells a very elaborate, intimate story about love & loneliness, two traits that have clashed to create this stunning record that has become one of my new faves, and I say that about a lot I listen to, but this album is a treat for anyones ears, even if you’re a heavy metal fan, I’d still highly suggest it.

I can’t say that I know The Lumineers genre too well but they have created something so beautiful, an array of deep drums and heavenly acoustic and electric guitar and vocals that would rope anyone in, and I’m not even just talking about the lyrics, although they do tie the whole album together.

Listening to this album with no interruptions is like sitting down with a good book and being hypnotised by the words coming off the pages, but also something like a lullaby.

Taking you on a journey of heartbreak, redemption, an up and down rollercoaster sort of experience, it’s definitely worth a listen maybe 10-50 times a day.

My personal fave ‘Angela’ is a beautifully guitar picked slow moan-y sung story about a girl who found home at last. The song starts gentle and slow, progressing in the second verse to a picked guitar perfectly accompanied by piano and low bass drum. What really makes the song is the lyrics. This song is (to me) the foundation of the album and releases so much emotion it makes me want to pick up my own guitar and play along.

Thanks for reading,

G x


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