Vera Blue: Perennial Tour 2017

Another very up & coming artist from Triple J this year (and 2016) is Vera Blue and they absolutely brought the house down with their outstanding performance at The Grand Hotel in Mornington last night. Accompanying their act was Better Than That singer Laykn and South African / Australian Artist Thandi Phoenix who could’ve been the star of the show if it hadn’t of been for Vera Blues breathtaking act.

Laykn opened the show with some very cool R&B sounding tracks to introduce his new upcoming album with his new single View Looks So Good which is a nice change from his previous work off his Better Than That EP from 2011.

Thandi Phoenix had everyone up and dancing with her new single Standing Too Close that had everyone excited to hear what else she has in store in the future with a new album expected very soon in 2017.

Lastly Vera Blue’s angelic act took the breathes of everyone in the room when she opened her act with First Week with a brilliant light show and managed to keep amazing vibes going throughout the entire night, so nothing short of what was expected. If anything seeing her live was 1000% better than listening through earphones, and her new album Perennial is as good as an album can get.

Overall a fantastic performance by these three wonderful artists that I am keen to hear more from soon.

Short and sweet, G.


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